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Active Schools Fundraising provides the online platform where you create a school group/program team page and personalized student or family fundraising pages. Create your activity, then customize your page and select emails to send to friends and family – and before you know it you have reached your goal.


Sign up is simple and quick. We just need contact information and a few important items:

  1. A team leader to organize efforts. 
  2. The Tax ID for the organization or program you are fundraising for.
  3. A fun team name.

After your signup is complete, we will create your team in the Active Schools Fundraising system and the team captain will receive a confirmation email with information to sign in to customize your team and personal page templates.

A couple more details:

Active Schools Fundraising is open to PTAs and other school groups as well as after-school programs (such as Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs and other programs), booster clubs and more associated with K-12 schools; you just need a valid tax ID/EIN number.

Active Schools Fundraising sessions are open each fall and spring semester. Simply plan your fundraiser between August 1 and December 5 OR January 1 and May 31. We pay out proceeds in December and June.

You keep 100% of any money you raise onsite, such as through registration fees, drawings, or other activities. Your Active Schools Fundraising team gives 75% of funds raised online directly to your PTA/school group, with the remaining 25% benefiting national intitiatives that work to increase physical activity opportunities for students. A win-win!

We help you all along the way with sample emails, Facebook fundraising and monthly coaching sessions. With your team confirmation, you will receive a playbook full of great plays to make your effort a winner!

We also help your fundraising dollars go farther by providing special product discounts on equipment, curriculum and programs that improve wellness in your school.

Our PTA hosted a fun run last year but the company who ran it took so much of our profit that we didn’t want to go that route again. Active Schools Fundraising provides the perfect tool for us to do it ourselves, keep more of the proceeds and even get a discount on our purchases to improve recess activities.  a virginia mom