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How to Succeed

Here are some basic steps to get you started after you sign up

  1. Set a Goal

    Decide what you are raising money for and set your fundraising goal. Is it new playground equipment? A school garden? Whatever it is, tell everyone about it so they can picture how their donation will improve your school.  

  2. Plan Your Theme and Set Your Event Dates

    You may already have a walk-a-thon that you can add an online fundraising team to. Or plan a daily movement challenge with a finale indoor recess dance party. Anything is possible! Click here for more ideas. By adding an Active Schools Fundraising team, you could raise as much as 10 times more through online fundraising.

  3. Customize Your Team Page

    Once you complete your sign-up form, a team will be created for you. You can customize your team page with images and text to tell your own story. It takes less than 20 minutes to create an awesome page for your group!

  4. Share the Link and Encourage Families to Join Your Team

    Share the link to your team page in school emails and notes home and encourage families to create their own personalized pages. You can also send emails (with messages and templates already prepared for you) to friends and family asking for donations or post a link to your Facebook page. The Active Schools Fundraising system makes this as simple as a click of a button!

  5. Say 'Thank You'

    Use our standard thank you messages or customize your own notes.  

  6. Celebrate Your Active School and Help Other Schools

    Your school group or program will receive 75% of online funds raised. Plus, we provide discount codes for you to purchase equipment, playground items and other products that benefit school wellness, making your fundraising dollars go even further. The remaining 25% of the proceeds support many of the top non-profits working every day to help active kids do better. A win-win!